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Kaelin Tuell Poulin - "The Untold LadyBoss Story"
Your Going To Get:

  • The 3 Rules To Maximizing Your Results From LadyBoss LIVE 
  •  The RAW Untold Story Behind The Creation Of LadyBoss
  •  Why Kaelin Does What She Does And Why She Loves It So Much
  •  An In Depth Look At The Creation Of LadyBoss & What Name It Used To Be Called
Brittany Watkins - "Tap Away Cravings"
Brittany Watkins is a weight loss coach, author, and is widely known as one of the foremost experts in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping) for emotional eating and weight loss.
Brittany Is Going To Teach You:

  • A LIVE Demonstration You Can Do At Home To Permanently Stop Cravings 
  •  A Simple Technique To Shift Your Brain Chemistry To Stop Food Cravings
  •  1 Weird Mind Trick To Stop Food Cravings 
  •  Why Positive Memories From Your Childhood Are Causing You To Crave Foods Like Pizza, Ice Cream, & Chocolate Uncontrollably.
  •  How To Lower Anxiety Instantly To Help You Easily Eat Less
Kaelin Tuell Poulin - "My #1 Most Asked Question"
Kaelin is going to teach you:

  •  This is a SECRET presentation that you will just have to wait and see :) 
Natalie Hodson - "Give The Best Of You, Not What's Left Of You" 
Natalie Hodson is a mom of two young children who is best known for her ability to connect with women and their real-life situations. 

She has gained and lost 70 lbs... twice! 

Her website now gets over 4 million unique viewers each month. Natalie also writes and contributes content for major publications such as: Bodybuilding, Oxygen Magazine, Train for Her Magazine, Strong Fitness Magazine, and more. 

Natalie Is Going To Teach You:

  •  How She, As A Mom Of 2, Gained And Lost 70 Lbs....twice!
  • Her "Baby Steps" White Board System For  Getting Past Feeling Guilty For Spending Time On Yourself As A Mom
  •  How To Do A "Social Media Cleanse" To Free You From The Negative People In Your Life
  •  Practical Meal Prep Tips With Kids And How To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthy
  •  How LBT's (Little Bites And Tastes) Can Really Hurt Your Progress. Leftover Crusts, The Food On Their Plates, Etc.
  •  Tabata At-home Workouts And The Most Essential Items You Should Keep At Home That Are Affordable For Home Workouts
  •  The Hardcore "All Or Nothing" Approach I Used That Worked Great In My 20's But That Failed Me As A Busy Mom And What I Do Now
Michelle Bishop - "Me, Myself & Lies"
Michelle Bishop is a 25 year old Global leader in virtual women's ministry, a Network Marketing Professional, CEO of multiple thriving fitness businesses, real estate investor, but most importantly, a wife and mother. Michelle's mission in life is to help free women from the lies and stories they've built up within their head, and the restrictions they've placed on their lives. 
Michelle Is Going To Teach You:

  • A Simple Process To Identify And Take Authority Over The Excuses That Are Holding You Back
  •  How To Free Yourself From The Restrictions Others Have Placed On Your Life
  •  Where You Can Find True Worth That Will Translate Into True Results
  •  How To Control The Negative Voice In Your Head 
  •  How To Come To A Place Of Peace And Self Love 
  •  How To Stay On Track When Life Gets Busy
  •  How To Leverage "Self-Awareness" To Control Binge Eating
Kaelin Tuell Poulin - "Breaking Down The Food Barrier"
Kaelin is going to teach you:

  •  How To Become A "Meal Prep Master" In Less Than An Hour A Week
  •  The Fundamentals Of Nutrition That Aren't As Complicated As Everyone Thinks
  •  The "Perfect Hand Method" For Easily Building Delicious Healthy Meals Every Single Time
  •  How To Answer The Question: "Is this okay to eat?" OR "Is this LadyBoss approved?" Every Single Time With Confidence
  • How To ACTUALLY Read Nutrition Labels To Know If Something Is Good For You Or Not 
  •  Whole Foods Vs. Processed Foods 
Leila Hormozi - "Becoming Unshakeable"
Leila Naghshineh Hormozi is Head Project Manager and Sales Leader at Gym Launch Secrets. An Exercise Science Master, Leila has helped hundreds of women one-on-one. After losing 85 pounds herself, she became passionate about helping as many gyms as possible, so they can help as many people as possible ultimately lose weight and gain confidence & community.

Leila Is Going To Teach You:
  • How To Stay On Track When Life Gets Busy
  •  How To Leverage "Self-Awareness" To Control Binge Eating
  •  How To Become Unshakeable And Even Bullet-Proof In Your Weight Loss Journey
  •  How She Won Her Battle With Eating Disorders 
  •  How She Lost 85 Pounds And Has Kept It Off
  •  A Simple Process To Identify And Take Authority Over The Excuses That Are Holding You Back
Emily Shai - "3 Lies A LadyBoss Should Never Tell"
Emily Shai is a 12-year old author, business owner, and leader in the kid entrepreneur movement. She started her career at 10 years old while on a date with her Dad. 
Emily has pitched to the sharks of "Shark Tank" and shared the stage with Tony Robbins and other World Class Business leaders.
  Emily has served the homeless, played with kids in battered women's shelters, and worked to change the world on a consistent basis.
Her hope is to use her income and influence to support orphans, her church, and change the world at large.
Emily Is Going To Teach You:

  •  How To Tap Into The Dreams & Ambitions Of Your Youth
  •  How To Become Reinspired About What Is Possible
  •  A Powerful & Heart Fulfilling Personification Of Your "Inner Self" 
  •  Why The Sky ISN'T The Limit 

Kaelin Tuell Poulin - "Changing Your Reality"
Kaelin is going to teach you:

  •  A Compelling Future That Will Pull You Towards The Life You Deserve
  •   An Exercise To Take The Power Out Of Bad Memories That Are Holding You Back   
  •  How To Create Your "Circle Of EXCELLENCE" To Tap Into Unlimited Confidence When Facing Any Situation
  •   A Mind Trick To Replace Your "Problem Behaviors" With Your Ideal Reaction
  •   How To Turn Your Your Least Favorite Tasks Into Things You Love To Do
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